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Welcome to our office in Haga, Gothenburg! We are licensed psychologists committed to helping people in need of support, personal growth or novel perspectives. We provide psychological treatment, assessments of personality & psychological functioning, as well as business services like supervision, leadership guidance and lectures.

Do you want to know more or are you interested in making an appointment? Contact one of us by email, phone or text message! Let us know how you wish to be contacted and we'll get back to you, usually within the day.

Emma Tussig

Emma Tussig
Licensed psychologist & hypnotherapist
Primarily works with: Adults & adolescents
Languages: Swedish, English & French

Johannes Tussig

Johannes Tussig
Licensed psychologist
Primarily works with: Children & families
Languages: Swedish & English


Services and prices

daytime sessions

Psychological treatment for individuals

50 minutes

Workdays 08:30-17:00

1 100 sek

evenings & weekends

Psychological treatment for individuals

50 minutes

Weekends as well as workdays from 17:00

1 300 sek

family therapy

Psychological treatment and development

60 minutes

Daytime or evenings & weekends

from 1 800 sek

psychological assessment

Psychological assessment or evaluation of cognitive functioning and personality, in English or Swedish.

supervision, consultation & education

We offer supervision to health care related professionals, as well as consultations and educational services on demand.

Contact us for more information.

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Tropical Flower
Tropical Flower

How are psychological assessments made?

We adapt the assessment methods to the specific questions that are posed. Every psychological assessment or evaluation starts with an interview that serves to review your background, often in collaboration with a relative that knew you as a child. This is usually followed by psychological testing of your cognition and personality. The results of the assessment are presented and discussed with you. You get a signed report and, if the criteria are met, any diagnosis that might be relevant.

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The Protective Suit
00:00 / 08:49

Visit us

Norra Allégatan 8

413 01 Göteborg

"TUSSIG", half a stair up

Practical information

Tram stop: Järntorget

Parking: Behind the building


Guided meditation, produced by Emma Tussig & Sid Cederwaldh

Call or text us

0760 22 30 08 (Emma)

0760 22 32 50 (Johannes)

We'll return your call as soon as we can.

Open hours

Monday-Thursday: 8:30-20:30

Friday & Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 8:30-20:30

Email us

Don't include sensitive information!

Learn more about us

Facebook: @tussig

Psykologiguiden: Emma Tussig

Youtube: The Hidden Corners of the Brain

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